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Tamara Matos Hernandez

Tamara Matos
Managing Partner & Executive Director

Tamara Matos Hernández

Education & Credentials:

• Double bachelor’s in business administration with concentration in Marketing and, Accounting and Finance from the University of Puerto Rico.

• Digital Marketing Certification - Kellogg's University


Tamara has more than 17 years of experience in sales and more than 10 years with the creation and restructuring of SMB’s. She worked Director of Business Development at Microsoft, where,  for 13 years she established, developed and grew several business channels. Her area of  expertise includes: sales management, channel development, corporate incentive structures, export of services and financial planning. Her Business Development experience includes Latam and the continental United States with over 75 established companies with a successful track record. Whether you want you and your business to gain greater financial stability, increase sales or expand, establish your business on the island, or simply need advice on which direction to take, she is the ideal resource! 


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