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Human Resources


Alexandra Benabe


Why Human Resources with Business Atelier?

Human resources management is one of the most important and hard things to do for a business. Because of this, you don’t only need a Human Resources Specialist that visits you from time to time and works a project for you and then you won’t ever see them again.

You need a person that identifies with your company and your team, a person who pushes your company to grow and be in compliance with the law.

  A specialist who is willing to develop with you, the highest potential of your company. In Business Atelier, we have professionals of a variety of business areas, who work together in a unified and solid structure so you can achieve the goals for your company.


Our Services


“Start-Up Kit” Human Resources Structure

It’s the beginning of a good complete Human Resources structure in your business.


Development of Employee Handbook and Policies & Procedures:

The Employee Handbook is a document that has all the Company’s rules.


Job Descriptions

It’s a written document that has all the information about the duties of the employee.


Recruitment and Selection

It’s the process used to recruit the ideal aspirant to fulfill a Company’s specific job.


Payroll Processing

It’s the process that is carried out to pay the employees for their work.


Training & Development

It is the education and development of the employees inside the work area.


Human Resources Consulting

Human Resources Specialist allows you to clarify your doubts and make an analysis of what your Company needs may be.

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