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Laws and Regulations

When in doubt of whether a law or regulation applies to your business model, leave it to the experts to interpret that for you. Our team will interpret and assess applicability of state and federal regulations so that you make sure to comply with them when necessary.


The basis of solid business relationships are solid agreements and contracts. Our team will assist you in creating an agreement structure that will protect your company from undesired liabilities. Our services include drafting, interpretation, and modification of agreements.

Compliance Assessments

Double check your compliance by conducting frequent compliance and audit assessments with our experts. This includes a final report with suggested corrective action plans.

Business creation, entity formation and structuring

Our team will assist you in defining the entity structure that best suits your business model, complete both state registration in the department of State and federal registration in the IRS and complete your business operating agreement.

Job Descriptions

It’s a written document that has all the information about the duties of the employee according to the employee Job Position for which they were hired. It provides a clear vision to the employee of what are the job expectation that his employer has of him or her. Provides the opportunity to the employer to […]

Recruitment and Selection

It’s the process used to recruit the ideal aspirant to fulfill a Company’s specific job. It helps the Company to find the ideal aspirant, that can meet the qualifications for the fulfillment of a job. This process helps the employer to avoid the wrong operation of the Company. The Human Resources Specialist oversees the entire […]

Training & Development

It is the education and development of the employees inside the work area. We provide trainings on Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence, Workplace Harassment, COVID-19 Protocol, among others. It serves to implement Protocols, Politics & Procedures in a organized way that accomplishes with the actual Federal and State Laws. It helps employees to be aware of […]

Act. 60 Tax Incentives

1. Young Entrepreneurs Incentive(3-year duration) Exemption of 100% of income tax for the first $500,000 Other exemptions on municipal and property taxes 2. Export Service Incentive 4% fixed rate of income tax return Exemption of 100% of taxes over dividends and distributions Exemption of 75% of property taxes Other exemptions on municipal and property construction […]

Digital Marketing Strategy

Webpage Development | Social Media Management | Demand Generation funnels | Social Media Ads Management What is digital marketing? It is a plan that helps your company obtain specific goals through carefully selected marketing channels such as paid, earned, and owned media.  A digital marketing action plan allows you to build and launch your online […]


Branding is the identity construction process for a company or brand that must be done in a way that is consistent with the values that it has, and you want to highlight for your company.  Branding is everything that a company is going to do to differentiate its products or services with its own seal […]