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Jr. Accountant

Who are we?

Business Atelier LLC is A firm specialized in business development, strategic growth, finance, and accounting with plenty of capabilities and resources to solve the issues that prevent your company to move forward with a strong and healthy business life. Business Atelier is a boutique firm with a reputation of leadership, problem solving and value creation. For more information check our web page:

What you’ll love about us?

Our mission is to is to help our customers by tailoring their business needs to improve their position through collaborative and strategic services designed to increase revenue, profits, and net worth.”

If you’ve got passion and enthusiasm for helping people navigate the complexity of the tax world and a desire to come to a fast-growing professional services company to make an impact, we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you!

Business Atelier is a 100% hybrid company and will continue to be digital-first.
What is it like to work with us?

If you like a dynamic, fun, and flexible work environment that measures performance with results while working in a collaborative manner, look no further. At Business Atelier, we value our employees as our most important asset. If you are interested in being part of a fast-growing firm committed to thinking outside of the box, solving client solutions, and helping us be an innovative firm of the future, this is the perfect place for you! Send us your Resume!

What are we looking for?

Position: Jr. Accountant

A Jr. Accountant is an entry-level professional in the field of accounting, responsible for performing basic tasks related to financial and accounting management within an organization. They work under the supervision of senior accountants and play a key role in maintaining accurate financial records and preparing reports.

Main Duties

Financial Transaction Recording:
    • Record and classify daily financial transactions in the accounting books.
    • Ensure the accuracy and integrity of accounting data.
Bank Reconciliation:
  • Perform bank reconciliations to ensure consistency between accounting records and bank statements.
Financial Report Preparation:
  • Assist in preparing periodic financial reports, such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.
Audit Support:
  • Collaborate in preparing documentation for internal and external audits.
  • Respond to queries and provide necessary information during audits.
Tax Compliance:
  • Assist in the preparation and filing of tax returns.
  • Stay updated on tax laws and ensure regulatory compliance.
Account Analysis:
  • Conduct account analyses to identify discrepancies and resolve accounting issues.
Collaboration with Other Departments:
  • Collaborate with other departments to obtain relevant information and ensure coherence in financial data.
Use of Accounting Software:
  • Utilize accounting software to record and process financial transactions.
Professional Development:
  • Participate in training opportunities to enhance accounting skills and stay informed about best practices.
Qualifications for the Job:
  • Associate degree or equivalent experience in Business, Marketing, or a related field.
  • 2 years of experience in sales.
  • Familiarity with CRM systems.
  • Fully bilingual (English-Spanish).
  • Organized, capable of handling various tasks simultaneously.
  • Ability to manage time effectively.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to prioritize.
  • High levels of initiative and responsiveness.
  • Ability to adapt to various situations effectively.
  • Customer service-oriented.
  • Analytical and conflict resolution skills.
  • Administrative abilities.
  • Honest, discreet, and high levels of integrity.
  • Punctual and reliable.
  • Ability to meet short-term goals.
  • Ability to learn new programs and software to assist the team (Outlook, Microsoft Office, Adobe, among others).
Working Conditions:
  • Full-time
  • Handling large amounts of data.
  • Hybrid work.
  • Supervision: Works under the direct supervision of a senior accountant or accounting manager.
  1. Base Salary Range- Starting at $18 per hour & up depending on experience.
  2. 20 days of Vacation leave yearly.
  3. Christmas Bonus according to existing Law.
  4. Flexible working conditions (Remote and Office)
  5. Health Insurance since the first month of getting hired.
  6. Continuous learning included.
Hiring Location:

Puerto Rico location. Occasional travel is required less than 20% of the time.

Career Development:

Can advance to roles of higher responsibility, such as Senior Accountant, as they gain experience and additional skills. Participation in accounting certification programs can also enhance professional growth opportunity.